Sarah is a movement specialist. She uses deliberate programming toward acquiring more skillful movement.  Based in Washington, DC, she has trained professional athletes and aspiring athletes alike. With an emphasis on progressions, movement variety, and biomechanics, Sarah's tested training methodology is so much more than a workout. 

Sarah Hippert

Sarah is known for her focused, smart sequencing, her ability to motivate with a smile, and knowledge of which exercises are the most efficient to achieve maximum effect. She is also known for her track record of teaching 38 fitness classes a week for nearly 2 years ranging from high intensity interval formats to body rolling to yoga. Her focus now is training for skill development, proprioception, coordination, mobility. She uses progressions in each of the formats that she teaches and finds that the recurring themes she addresses in her classes and with personal training clients are the following: building pulling and grip strength, unilateral work (particularly with the gluteals), scapular positioning and correctives, handstand training, hollow body isometric holds, strength at end rage, and functional hip mobility. 

She is an experienced teacher of yoga, aerial yoga, acro yoga, Pilates, Pilates apparatus, TRX, body rolling (self-myofasical release), bodyweight strength (think handstands and gymnastics rings) and kettle bells. 

Sarah holds an M.S. in Nutrition from Tufts University and spent a year teaching nutrition and exercise science to undergraduates at MIT in 2011. She currently provides nutritional consultations, and specializes in eating for performance, navigating the symptoms of digestive dysfunction, seasonal cleansing, and is working on a cookbook.  She has also worked as a private chef for individuals with specific nutritional goals and often presents on nutrition topics to corporations.

Sarah also holds a Master's Degree in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School and an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Music from Bowdoin College. 

Sarah's extensive training, inordinate amount of energy, self-practice, and dedication to continued learning is only rivaled by her genuine love for sharing movement with her students and helping them to move with ease, skill, and joy.